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Yesod Of Tiferet

today is 20 days, two weeks and six days of the omer. Wow. I feel humbled that i have made it this far, and it is fitting to feel this way on a day fo yesod, which is the culmination of all the traits chesed, gevurah, tiferet, netzach and hod into one, which is yesod, and doing something with it. Building, bonding, creating… yesod of tiferet is making sure your beauty and harmony has substance to it- it stands for something. It is not just what it is for its self but is an ideal - a state that will last not in actuality but in eternity. Yesod. Bonding. Passion, connection…. Yesod she be tiferet is using passion and connection in your harmony…. that the harmony results in a bond. that the most gratifying part of beauty, harmony and compassion is the bond that results from the giving and taking. Today I am davening to Hashem that the harmony and beauty I see will result in a bond that will last, and connect us forever more.

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