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Yesod of Netzach

Today is 27 days, three weeks and 6 days of the omer. Today we are incorporating the element of Yesod into our netzach, the element of building, connecting, and creating foundations. When we add this into our netzach, we have something that lasts, and it continues to build. We never stop growing, never stop trying, knowing that through our netzach day after day, yesod adds that our netzach needs to be built, connective, and for a purpose to have something outside ourselves. The day after day a woman's body fuels a pregnancy is not for the purpose of being pregnant forever, it is for the purpose of having a complete baby - the day after day of constantly fueling this internal growth, each day it grows and gets stronger, deeper and more developed, after each day it is built a little bit more each time. Yesod of netzach. Continuity for the sake of building. I am continuing on and pushing through all excuses so I become something, so I connect deeper to myself and my root soul and essence. So eventually there is a legacy - something that I leave behind that exists beyond me. Whether that is my deeds, actions, children, or thoughts, I need to build each day, connect each day, make sure the daily actions I am doing are to build me as a person, and deeply connect me to myself so I can have a strong foundation of who I am and where I want to go. Please Hashem, let me utilize the power of today, Yesod of Netzach so it continues on to effect me each day for the rest of my life, AMAIN

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