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Tiferet of Netzach

Today is 24 days, three weeks and three days of the omer. Today I will focus on the beauty, harmony and balance I can incorporate within my netzach, my continuity and endurance. Is my endurance accepted? Do I accept the reality that sometimes pushing through and trying my best and continuing on is what it is regardless of what you think about it? Tiferet acknowledging that there is peace, beauty, harmony and truth. So the times when I am enduring and I think I could be doing more or shouldn’t be doing more - I stop and just acknowledge my netzach, I acknowledge the reality of the situation in how I AM enduring. I am netzach, and that is true. My endurance is true - and it is beautiful because it is what it is. I bring beauty, harmony and compassion to my endurance by valuing what it is and what I have done, and what I will continue to do - continuously. today i pray that I can channel down the power of Tiferet she be netzach, beauty within continuity, accepting that the journey is long and will continue, and recognizing the beauty that I am enduring. My tefilla is that I can see the beauty in my netzach for the rest of my life, Amain!

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