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The Ones in Between

gevura of chesed - today is day two of the omer. today we are focusing on channeling our love, loving with discretion for a purpose in order to love properly, in the best way, in a deeper, stronger way. not suffocating love or too much love, improperly loved and not withheld love. Gevurah adds the element of direction, channeling, and strength into the element of chesed (love). We hope that we can use gevurah to help us channel our love the right way, amount, recognizing all the while that this is a way to love as well - using strength and a method to give the pure love in a calculated way is love as well - I like to think of Gevurah as a deeper way to love, you love them so much you are loving them in the right measurements that they need, and you need, it is controlled and thought out, and used with restriant and strength. It is hard to allow your child to do things the big kids do. but you do the hard thing because its right for them, and you are withholding the overbearing "keep you safe" love, and giving the "freedom to grow up" love by using gevurah in your chesed. Please Hashem let the power of this day: applying strength and direction to our love, (the love of ourselves, our children, family and friends), allowing us to channel that love in the right amounts and directions, let this power be incorperated deeply into our being so we live with this every day for the next year.

tiferes of chesed - Today is day three of the omer. We are focusing on empathetic love, beautiful love, loving someone according to what they need, purely for them, and not if they don’t need it. Tiferes of chesed is beautiful balance of chesed and gevura, loving in such a beautiful way. I hope for today I can channel the power of beautiful loving, loving in a sensative and beautiful way, every day for the next year.

netzach of chesed- does your love endure through the ups and downs of life? endurance ? Today is day four of the omer. This day speaks to me very much, for good and for bad. I feel this trait very much with my children, no matter what they do I will ALWAYS still love them, no matter what, but the next level i believe is showing that love externally - not just you feel the love always and eternally, but the love stays the same, it stays as bright and beautiful. That is the power of NETZACH, the power or endurance. I hope that the lve and chesed I give and recieve will always endure, and the strength of that love will endure as well, it wont just be a given or a thought, it is seen as clearly as newlyweds, and as a mother loving a child from the very first time she holds him. Please Hashem, let my the power of pure chesed, pure love have the trait of endurance, so the pure deep love will stay as pure and fresh as it always was.

hod of chesed - Today is day five of the omer. Todays traits to shape our chesed, our love are gratitude, humility, knowing how much you are receiving from giving love. Hod means humility, and it can also mean gratitude. The traits of hod are submissivness, It is femine, and very beautiful in its own way. Prayer is a blend of hod and netzach, it will always last, and it is shaping the world the way you want it to be subconciously. That is the power of Hod. When you are humble, and grateful, you will get what you need done. Gaiva, arrogance, stops you from accomplishing things. Hod, with gratitude, acceptance and huility will create you into a person that anyone and everyone will want to help. How do we transpose this idea into chesed, into love? We need to make sure that the love we are giving is given with gratitude - thank you for allowing me to love you. It is given with humility, "it's not much, but.." This trait allows our chessed to deepen, and become so much more connective btween the giver and reciver which is why the next trait is yesod... stay tuned..! Please Hashem, let me feel humble so i can love deeper, and let me express my gratitude to the roofs for being able to love the people I am lucky enough to love. Please Hashem, let these middos last with me every day for the next year.

yesod of chesed - Today is day six of the omer. Yesod is building through bonding. Something that is foundational. Yesod she be chesed is love that is foundational because it is intimately bonded and for the sake of building something. We hope that our love has the element of yesod in it, so it can be the deepest form of love yet, it can outlive and outlast us - something will come from it. whether it is a child from the union of love, a family from the bonding of love, a project from working with love, now there is something lasting. and this connection, this bond that there now is makes the love so much deeper and more special, because we have BUILT something together. we are bonded. We hope for all the love we have in our life to have this element of bonding to it, so the love can be deep and truly secure and connective.

malchus of chesed- today is seven days which is one week of the omer. Malchut is personal sovereignty, rulership, ownership, kingdom. loving knowing you are special, knowing your love is coming from a unique special place that only you can give. Wow. This one resonates so deeply with me and is so important for the here and now. YOU are unique , yes we all know that, but YOU are unique because you are the only you there is. Therefore the love you have to give is more than just special, it is exquistie - it is yours. the chesed and love you are giving is all the morst special because it is given from YOU - the malchut, the king or queen,the perfect being that has encourperated all the previous traits into chesed, a being that loves in a loving way, in a channeled way, in a beautiful way, in an enduring way, in a humble and grateful way and in a way that bonds. that is the person that is loving now - and so THAT is what makes the love special. The fact that it is YOURS. It is my tefilla for today that

chesed of gevura - today I will daven today that I can express my deep love

through proper discipline, to love

my children and self so much that I

only expect the absolute best and

will discipline to help them get

there as patiently, kindly and

lovingly as I can without giving up

or losing sight of the goal. giving

up or not caring enough to

discipline is laziness not love, love

is caring enough to care about the

little details to be the best version.

love can only go so far, it needs

discipline so we can reach our

highest and greatest selves and

Heights. Knowing that true gevurah is fueled by love, you love so much that you channel, form, discipline and shape.

gevurah of gevurah - the strength to be strong

today is nine days

which is two weeks and two days

of the omer. we are in the week of

gevurah and today is the midda of

gevurah, so we will be learning

how to incorporate the midda of

gevurah in using gevura. it takes

discipline to BE DISCIPLINED.

meditate on that line for a minute

what that means to me is even

when I don't want to do something

that I know I should do (something

that is disciplined) I still have to

discipline myself into doing the

disciplined thing! discipline doesn't

have any negative connotations for


- it's all positive and something

I strive to live up to, an ideal person

I want to be and character trait I

want to have. for the past three

years I have actively desired and

davened for the midda of discipline

to be more fully expressed and

incorporated in my life. each rosh 9:37


hashana I would say THIS YEAR I



through/ just DOING IT and being

the kind of person who is

consistent and steady and can do

things continuously no matter what

is going on in life. I've dreamed of

having a daily routine or ritual that

is my lifeline, one I hold on to and

gets me through everyday life.

Prayer is that, but sometimes I

don't even keep that up, and it falls

through the cracks depending on

my emotional state, laziness, life

circumstances. this day is such a

crucial day for me because this is

the midda I want most badly of all-

I want to be disciplined and I want

the discipline to be disciplined. I

want to be able to be strong to do

the strong thing. to do the thing

that is hard, even if I don't want to


is really what discipline of

discipline is- we don't NEED to go

running every day or exercise our

bodies, but it's the disciplined

thing to do. so if you are

disciplined you will do the thing

that is disciplined! are we following

this cycle here? #pray I am

tiferes of gevurah- accepting appreciating the beauty of balance in being disciplined

today is 10 days, one

week and three days of the omer.

tiferes of gevurah- the beauty and

balance of gevurah. balance is the

hardest thing to acquire . often

when we are trying to be balanced,

it's so hard because the voices on

either side immediately jump in

and say you are too strict, or too

lazy! there is either too much

loving kindness or too much strict

strong discipline. and tiferes i

believe is the beautiful balance of

when you ignore both sides and

just accept where you are and that

is the balance. balance isn't

towards one side or the other, it's

accepting. the heart- the heart that

is open to everything and anything

- in middle of both chesed and

gevurah. tiferes specific to gevura

is accepting your ability to be

disciplined. recognizing the beauty it's so hard because the voices on

either side immediately jump in

and say you are too strict, or too

lazy! there is either too much

loving kindness or too much strict

strong discipline. and tiferes i

believe is the beautiful balance of

when you ignore both sides and

just accept where you are and that

is the balance. balance isn't

towards one side or the other, it's

accepting. the heart- the heart that

is open to everything and anything

- in middle of both chesed and

gevurah. tiferes specific to gevura

is accepting your ability to be

disciplined. recognizing the beauty

and balance in your own personal

strength. accepting your

limitations with balance, knowing

that your personal strength is right,

beautiful and true

netzach of gevurah - can you endure? can you actively endure? can you follow through ?

today is 11 days, one

week and four days of the omer.

the midda of the week is gevurah,

(strength and discipline) and today

we are focusing on the idea of

incorporating netzach (endurance)

in our strength and discipline. to

me that means

"Can I endure? can i

ACTIVELY endure?" meaning, can i

endure something by chasing after

it, and continuously chasing after

it, not just allowing life to slip by

and if it happens that i have

discipline, it happens? and even if i

can use gevurah of gevurah to

have gevurah, will that endure?

and the most important question i

am asking myself is -

"can you

follow through?" can i follow

through and do the things i say i

will do and want to do? because

that in essence is what netzach of

gevurah is. following through - for

the long haul. the daily grind, over that in essence is what netzach of

gevurah is. following through - for

the long haul. the daily grind, over

and over. not giving up, not giving

in day in and day out. that is

something i so deeply want to

incorporate in my life - the ability

to DO the things I say I want to do. i

have a million dreams, but none of

them will ever be anything if they

stay dreams and not actions. and

one action is not enough - the

actions (discipline/gevurah) need

to have netzach ENDURANCE to

make it a reality. one day of

pregnancy isn't going to make a

baby, one day of writing isn't going

to make my book. please hashem

let me cultivate the skill in my life

of netzach she b'gevurah- the

ability to continuously do the hard


hod of gevurah -

today is 12 days, one

week and five day of the omer.

today is hod of gevurah. hod is

recognition, gratitude and humility.

hod of gevurah - are you able to be

strong and still have humility about

your strength? when you are

strong, and in control, and do

disciplined things - do you feel like

you are better than anyone else or

just normal? proud of your

strength, but not arrogant or better

than anyone else? or different?

anyone could do it too? are you

grateful you were able to be

strong? humbled that you had

strength and discipline manifest

through you? you were able to be a

vessel for strength? that's hod

humility for your strengths. and i

think it's in this order, that you have

to love in order to be strong, be

strong to be strong, find that acceptance between both sides to

get the beautiful balance and then

keep it going. and after all that-

you can feel pride. but the pride of

Hod- the pride of gratitude which

lights us up that we were chosen

to have this strength, and proud of

using our abilities to make Hashem

name great. i daven that today

hashem pours down His shefa of

the midda of hod she'b'gevurah to

me, and that i am able to feel

humbled and grateful for my


yesod of gevurah - that we are doing it together for our mutual benefit, bonding through discipline. Both in disciplining yourself and others there has to be a sense that the discipline is important for developing a stronger bond. yesod is the harmony of hod and netzach, and the distribution point of everything to malchus. yesod is foundational- called a tzedak bc a brings down hashems goodness into the world (giving) and also awakens other people to want to be closer to hashem (receiving) . and that is the (foundation) purpose of the world. yesod is so far down the line (after chesed, gevurah, tiferes, hod and neztach ) because it’s taking all those elements and synthesizing them to channel them down to malchus. through the processing of verything and then giving it, that is what creates deep bonding and connection. yesod is the drive to rise above our nature and conquer our animal instincts and be our best most godly sense (from the biblical commandment to rule over the animals on day six, yesod is 6th)

malchus of gevurah - shabbos queen

malchus of gevurah - every shabbos is

malchus.. the queen culmination

of the middah of the week. not

sure i nailed it this shabbos but in

learning that if you want to change

you can't harp on the negative but

water the positive. so i did good..

did my best "day after day step by

step i am on my way doing my best

every day" satisfied? I guess so!

shabbos was 14 days two weeks of

the omer.

chesed of tiferes- today is day 15, two

weeks and one day of the omer.

today is chesed of tiferes,

incorporating love into truth, or

beauty, or compassion. so truthful

that it's beautiful and so beautiful

that you can't help but have

compassion, not because you are

a softy but because that's the

actual reality of the situation - of

What is going on. when we

incorporate chesed into our tiferes

it's making sure our compassion

and beautifully understanding

empathy is coming with a healthy

dose of added love, not pity or

annoyance. can't ever have

enough love. it's my hope for this

week that my eyes are constantly

opened to the beauty and harmony

of the world, my mind embraces

my attempts to empathize and be

compassionate to myself. hopefully i will really have

mastered a huge level of self work-

from loving myself, to disciplining

myself, two seeing the full picture

of the beautiful truth of life and

having compassion and empathy

for myself. it's interesting that this

is the third building block after love

and then discipline, it's the

synthesis. We are going to do this.

gevurah of tiferes - today is 16 days, two

weeks and three days of the omer.

today we are incorporating the

middah of strength and channeled

and focused love (discipline/

gevurah) into beautiful harmonious

Resolute truth. from

"It is recognizing when compassion

should be expressed and when it

should be withheld or limited.

Discipline in compassion is

knowing that being truly

compassionate sometimes

requires withholding compassion.

Because compassion is not an

expression of the bestower's

needs but a response to the

recipient's needs" to me this

means using my strength to be

compassionate to myself. when i

don't want to be compassionate,

when it easier to fall back to the

well worn comfortable routes of criticism. it takes strength to be

compassionate and sit in the

beautiful neutral view of the truth.

it doesn't have to feel great, and no

one needs to fix anything, solve

anything or do anything. we just

view the world as it is with curiosity

and openness. and it takes

strength to withhold from making

judgments or fixing and solving.

there's no solution, just the tiferes,

the beautiful reality. again, it

doesn't have to be perfect. but it is

what it is- and we can use gevurah

to remind ourselves - i may think it

is what it is, not necessarily

perfect, but only Gd is absolute

emes and tiferes- and how He

sees this it IS perfect. he's got the

master plan, all we can do is try

(channel the love in withholding

judgements) and sit quietly,

observe the harmony and then the

next step will be to be grateful for it.... (hod coming soon to theaters

near you)

today i daven that I will be able to

love myself enough to withhold

(gevurah) any criticism or

judgments i want to make on the

tiferes beauty of the reality so i can

calmly and openly observe. using

gevurah to deepen my tiferes.

tiferes of tiferes -

today is 17 days, two

weeks and three days of the omer.

beauty in its extreme, simplicity in

its ultimate simpleness. nothing to

say other than to observe, relish

and wonder. beauty is only

beautiful when we don't judge or

try to change it- beauty is

acceptance. today is accepting the

reality of the beautiful reality. just

being present, just being there. It is

my hope for today that I see the

beauty of all situations because

they are beautiful and I'm able to

step back appreciate and really

relish in the beauty of the realness

of who l am, and of my life.

netzach shebeteferes - today is 18 days, two

weeks and four days of the omer.

wow today is a biggy. PLEASE

PLEASE HASHEM let the power of

today, netzach, endurance, and

endurance of beautiful truth- last

with me deeply this coming year

let this day, the day of allowing the

truth to continuously plod on, day

after day, not losing sight of the

beauty of my dreams continue - let

the clarity ENDURE - that is the

power of today and please please

Hashem give me that gift. i need

this skill and ability, trait so

desperately badly because that is

where all dreams end- when we

lose our sight, when we don't see

the beauty any more when our

clarity does not endure. please

please hashem let my clarity on

the tiferes, beautiful truth of myself

and my life endure- endure day after day so i can continue to see

the absolute beautiful truth of my

dreams - netzach- forever.

hod she be teferet - today is 19 days , two weeks and five days of the omer. today we are incorporating gratitude and humility into our beauty. it’s humbling to accept that we are beautiful - because we so often don’t think so. but we are because hashem made us and he doesn’t make imperfect or non beautiful things . our imperfections are our beauty. it takes humility to accept that and be comfortable with that, with our flaws or areas to work on. we also need to tap into see gratitude for where we ARE amazing, and are beautiful! i hope the power of today - being humble enough to accept our beautiful flaws and grateful in accepting our ultimate truthful awesomeness- will stay with me every day for this next year, AMEINN!

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