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The Month of Tammuz: A Personal Request

Dear Self,

In this upcoming month, I hope you utilize the power of foresight to soothe the pain of things seeming bad. The tragic events culminating in the destruction of the temple began in this month. Entering Tammuz, I hope you breathe into the pain of discomfort, step into the light of the unknown, race towards challenges and shatter all doubts. The sign is Cancer, a crab which is known for hiding in a comfortable shell until it outgrows it and is forced to find a larger one. This metaphor is prevalent to all areas of personal growth as well - we are comfortable until we begin to grow, and then we feel uncomfortable, stifled and squashed. When we venture out and move into larger shell, or settle into our new higher mode of life, whether it is respecting or creating boundaries, or removing and discarding them, we then feel too roomy in this new large shell that is just a bit too big for us. Dear self, I hope you remember this - that when you grow and change because you are uncomfortable, it doesn't equal now being comfortable. Self, I want you to know that just as change is inevitable, so too is discomfort. Learn to lean into the discomfort. Learn to love change, love the roominess, love the "just not quite fitting in". That means you have moved into a bigger shell, become a bigger self, dear one. Tammuz tells us to see past the immanency of discomfort and look towards the ultimate reality of what we are really here for. Am I here to live in my shell, or am I here to transcend the shell? Do I need the shell? If I do, does it need to fit? What will happen if I am uncomfortable, or if my shell has just a bit too much roominess to it? Will I be ok with the discomfort? I hope, dear self, that you will. I hope you will use the power of your true sight, your futuristic, positive, purpose seeing sight to rise above all your pain and discomfort and know if this is the way you are feeling, you are doing 100% the right thing. Pushing our boundaries is where growth lies, embracing the awkward and uncomfortable is where satisfaction of self begins. Learn yourself, and respect and honor what you have found. Tammuz will springboard you to visions as far as the eye can see, all as long as you can acknowledge the new shell you have found, and then although your eyes may be blurred, your sight will be clear. Take this with you into Tammuz, and use it to see higher.



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