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Some Tevet Tov:)

Yes Go Rabbi Shlomo Buxbaum my go to for clearly explained deep ideas on my wavelength!

Many of the ideas are from his podcast here:

Teves is Tov! With out the vav....

טבת / טוב

Vav is for physicality

We have to uplift the physical i to goodness this month.

Use the brightness of zos Chanukah, the last day of Chanukah and first day of the month of tevet to illuminate this dark month to be a month of break throughs.

Esav was the goat- mount seir he lived

Goat is Capricorn

Esav had a mind /heart disconnect

Couldn't DO what he KNEW was right.

Tevet is the month to shrink the gap and JUST DO IT!

Do what you know you need to do!

Be who you know you need to be!

Let your intellect guide your actions


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