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Offline copy: Tiferet of Yesod/Netzach of Yesod

its 38 days for you, 39 days for me. We jumped a day, so technically I missed a day. Where I am right now, today is 39 days, five weeks and four days of the omer. Today is Netzach of Yesod. However, before we get to netzach of Yesod we need to understand Tiferet of Yesod. First things first… there always is an order. on the plane to Australia I watched Dear Evan Hansen and King Richard. Two great stories with great lessons We can learn and apply to our lives. Number One, gevurah takes a while to show up and see it’s results, and number two, we have to see past people and see their pain. Seeing the reality of the situation. Tiferet. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s reality, and it’s perfect because it is. The perfect balance. and this connects us so deeply to each other, ourselves, and hashem because when we see reality, accept reality, there are no more farces. No more masks to hide behind. And you see the real you and the real them. How deeply intimate is that? how mutually bonding is seeing the real you and you seeing the real me? Or me seeing the real me? Tiferet of Yesod. The connectivity that results from seeing the beautiful nuanced reality we call life. The chesed and the gevurah. The blend of both, used imperfectly, and used “trying our best”. because all we can do is try our best, and that best is tiferet. And when we know we did our best, and it might not be perfect but we accept that that’s ok, that is when feel feel the most accepted, connected, valused, and THAT is where we can begin to build something. That’s when our yesod becomes real. Tiferet is the key that unlocks the door of Yesod connectivity.

and then there is Netzach. Because the door is open…. connection is there. You’ve made it. We’re deeply connected, we see the reality of it all, the beautiful reality and then now what?

Now what happens? Now where do we go from here to connect? To build our foundational relationship of mutual giving?

we need netzach. We need to PUSH through to make those same once automatic sparks happen. We need to power up and conquer doing what we might not have wanted to do. use netzach to push though any doubts laziness fears excuses or obstacles. and then we have Yesod. a deep true yesod. A Yesod of connection that took work to get there. It took effort to power through things you didn’t feel natural doing, but you did them anyways and now you have yesod, a deep connection. Netzach helped us get there. when we push through and continue on despite our feelings or lack of interest, the connection shines brighter because we worked hard to polish that diamond of our relationship to ourself/other/gd even if we thought it was already beautiful as it was (Tiferet). netzach. We pushed through and did the right thing, and therefor the connection is much more meaningful because it came through your desire to do it even if you didn’t want to. To push through. Please Gd allow me to channel today’s ability of pushing through my own obstacles to build the deepest of connections, for the rest of my days, Amain!

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