Netzach of Netzach

Today is 25 days, three weeks and four days of the omer. I am really beginning to understand the value in counting each and every day. I do not realize how time flies by, and how each day is so important, yet can blink by. I am officially at the half point of documenting my thoughts and understandings of the character trait of the day during this time period of Sefirat Haomer, counting the 49 days between passover and shavuot, each day with a different character trait/element we are given special ability to imbue into our lives. If you would like to follow along my journey with me or read my previous posts on past days’ character traits, click here. Let me know what you think! Today is a huge one. I feel like I say that every day, but each day I really feel it. However, today is specifically important because it is the day of the week where the character trait is in its extreme and the most potent form for us to instill into our lives if we harness the day right and understand the trait correctly. I have SO many dreams and goals. SO many visions of where I would like to be and what I would like to be doing, and NETZACH - the trait of enduring through ups and downs, continuity, continuing on despite challenges is the one trait that gets you there. I want that trait. We have discussed chessed of netzach, gevurah of netzach, and tiferet of netzach, but now we are at the pinnacle of this trait, as we are narrowing it down into its most extreme and most powerful state - netzach of netzach, the ability to endure through your endurance. Can you endure through things in your life that seem to continue on? We all have things in our life that we need help enduring and withstanding, we need the power to push through obstacles and push past limiting beliefs or even external struggles and challenges. The character trait of Netzach gives us the power to do that. Netzach she be netzach, having the power to push through the things we are already pushing I think is what allows us to be our absolute greatest selves (similar to malchut, owning a trait). Sometimes when I am trying so hard, and working so so hard, and pushing on and pushing through obstacles in my life and seemingly endless challenges, I need netzach to keep the netzach! We go through challenges that we need to push through and overcome, challenges we need to endure in order to BECOME ourselves. What do you get after a difficult test? The reward is ourselves. We are now a different, better and stronger person. But sometimes, I am giving it all I've got. And I am trying so hard. And I am enduring. And I am continuing. I am using chessed to love my endurance and gevurah to strengthen my endurance and tiferet to accept and relish my endurance - but sometimes I don't have any endurance left to keep up my endurance. And that is when it all stops. When I don't follow through with my dreams and goals. Because I HAVE been trying so hard, and been enduring, and pushing through obstacles and using all the netzach I possibly have within me. But it is not enough. I need netzach to keep up my netzach. That is where the magic happens. That is where you become yourself. That is when you accomplish your goals. When you have the endurance to keep going, keep enduring, keep pushing through. We need that extreme level of netzach within our netzach to accomplish great things and be great people. Because we are human - we can only go so far. We ARE trying our hardest and doing our best. But in order to be great, we need the extra "umph" that comes from beyond us, from the extreme, the doubled exponent form of this, the force to continue on, and push harder when we are already giving our 100%. Netzach She’B’ Netzach. Continuing on to continue on. Eternity. Our limitless selves. I pray with all my heart that Hashem will open me up to receive the trait of netzach of netzach that is showering down on us all today, and that it will continue to affect me every day for the rest of my life, AMAIN! LETS DO GREAT THINGS!