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Malchut of Tiferet

Tonight will be 21 days which is three weeks of the omer. Since it is shabbat and I cannot document on that day, i will set my intention for the day now while i still can write. Each shabbat is the Malchut, the royalty and sovereignty of the charachter trait we have been working on and deepening this past week. it is the personal connection we now feel to this trait as we have been understanding all the elements of it for the past 6 days. we have added the elements of chesed, gevurah, tiferet, netzach, hod, and yesod into our tiferet, our beauty and harmony and now the result is MALCHUT OF TIFERET- we begin to feel like we have ownership over this trait. I LOVE the definition uses for malchut, as DIGNITY- does my beauty, harmony and compassion have dignity , does it make me more dignified and the ones around me feel more dignified? It’s not that the work ends when we reach malchut, it’s honestly just the beginning because now the work changing WHO YOU ARE happens, not just what you doa be how you do it. the middah is developed into our essence on the days of malchut, and how fitting is it that it is on the day of shabbat, when all we do is meditate, think and relax. and it’s exactly then that the middah becomes a part of ourself, without all the creating elements we can do not on shabbat. beauty and harmony is incorporated into our essence, and I daven to Hashem that I will be able to live as a person that manifests tiferet. Shabbat Shalom!

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