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Malchus She’be Hod

Tonight will be 35 days, and five weeks of the omer. Tonight and tomorrow (Shabbos) we will be focusing on the manifestation of the trait of Hod, the creation that results of the final and perfected version of Hod, the Hod with all the elements of Chesed through Yesod added to it, so it finally becomes a perfectly balanced and perfected HOD. What does the malchut of Hod look like? It looks like you and me embodying Hod to the best of our abilities. Please Gd, let us be able to embody Hod and be a manifestation of the perfect Hod, a bastion of gratitude, humility, receptivity, openness, submissiveness, and the willingness to succeed for the greater good, the whole picture, AMAIN AND GOOD SHABBOS

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