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Malchus of Netzach

This Shabbos will be Malchus of Netzach, the day where we achieve personal sovirenty over netzach, and how we embody netzach as who we uniquely are. More on our own uniqueness and worth here. As I mentally prepare to go into Shabbos, I want to prepare for Malchus of Netzach as well. I want my netzach to be a symbol of who I am, and I want ownership over the trait of Netzach. I hope that Netzach becomes a deep part of me, and endurance becomes one of my traits. I hope to embody the trait of strength and accomplishment in a way that is dignified, holy, and reeks of majesty. To accomplish my goals in a way that is befitting a queen, without ever once compromising on my values, or in a way that makes people feel lesser than. I hope that my netzach will endure in a majestic and glorified way. I hope that this Shabbos of Malchus she'be' Netzach, I will own and deeply embed the trait of Malchus She'be Netzach into myself, and let it flow into the rest of my life and each day after, AMAIN!

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