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Intro to M.Y. (Mesilas Yesharim) Life

Some notes:

- You already know this information

- You have to review it 10000x times for the rest of your life (hence the title)

- Some people study knowledge, few people study how to be the best person and have the best relationship with Gd (piety)

- Most people think it’s important, but don’t devote time and energy to it. - If its not on your mind, it’s not a concern of yours.

- Working on yourself isn’t a natural urge like hunger or tiredness, you've got to work for it. - If you don’t work on ourselves, and our relationship with Gd, who will? No one can do that for you. - This work is actually the main foundation of all Torah study, because Gd wants our hearts and sees our intentions - it’s all about our hearts and intentions!!! Its in our best interest to work at it. - It’s hard work to work on ourselves and our relationship with Gd, we really have to work hard and search for tools and answers. It is only through this hard work that it can be achieved. - Five clauses of perfection:

1. Fear of Gd (Awe and awareness of His greatness)

2. Walking in His Ways (refining our character traits)

3. Love of Gd (Desire to please Him and do things for Him, Father/child)

4. Perfecting the heart (perfecting our intentions)

5. Observing all the Mitzvot

- These five are categorized into 10 steps which lead into each other

- The start is learning Torah, which needs to be done simultaneously with personal development in order for both to succeed.

  1. Vigilance

  2. Alacrity

  3. Cleanliness

  4. Abstinence

  5. Purity

  6. Piety

  7. Humility

  8. Fear of Sin

  9. Holiness

  10. Divine Inspiration

- Then you will be able to resurrect the dead. Pretty tempting...

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