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How do you figure out who YOU are? (cont. of M.Y. life )

The OPENING of the famed book, the Mesilat Yesharim's states that the basis of EVERYTHING we are trying to achieve in this book is founded on "clarifying and verifying what our obligation is in this world, visualizing and setting goals to get there".


what is your obligation to this world?

Why are YOU here?

are you clear on it?

does it ring true?

Do you have a vision of your best self?

do you have a plan to get there?

do you know why you are here?

if you do, you will have a furnace burning inside you that is now lit up and will fuel you with limitless energy, because you are not living for yourself anymore, but what you are here to do!

It's pretty important to figure it out. Who doesn't want to have an inner furnace?

Here are some tips and tricks to figure it out.

  1. Which element are you? What order are all of them in you?

  2. Which of the three roots of this world is your main soul root? (loving kindness, strength and discipline, or beauty, balance and harmony?) Which are strongest in the order?

  3. What month were you born in on the hebrew calendar? Research it and all that it signifies!

  4. What day of the week were you born? Discover which of the seven characters traits you innately manifest.

  5. What is your weakest character trait? Where do you slip up, and why do you slip up? What is the root of the problem?

  6. What is your strongest trait or ability, gift, or talent? What do you living doing most of all and wish you could do all day?

  7. What do you enjoy and do well that could be of help to people?

  8. What does your name mean?

  9. What is your name pasuk?

  10. What do you enjoy learning about?

  11. What activities do you enjoy doing?

  12. Where do you get your energy from? Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

  13. What number are you on the enneagram scale? Researvh how it effects your life!

  14. What do you think you were out here to do? Your crazy secrete dream or ambition that you might think is crazy- write it down. often our souls have more knowledge and answers to what our specific life’s purpose is than we give them credit for!

Write it all out and look at it constantly!

We all need reminders to remember who we are!!

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