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Gevurah of Yesod

Today is 37 day, five weeks and two days of the omer. You cannot have a complete or healthy beautiful onenction with out gevurah. love alone does not build healthy connectivity, boundaries and strengths are crucially needed to build lasting and happy connections. You don’t feel deeply connected to others, hashem or even yourself if you have no gevurah or your gevurah is not strong enough. You will feel empty and lacking, like you cannot give yourself enough, or give yourself/others/Hashem anything to build the connection (yesod) you are dreaming of, and that is because chesed isn't enough To have yesod. you need gevurah to feel satiated in your connection. With out gevurah the connection is nauseous, from giving too much. Sometimes the power of restraining, not giving, holding back, is actually the most beautiful thing you can GIVE to build a relationship and feel connected. I daven with all my heart that I will be able to tap into my gevurah, utilize gevurah, cultivate my gevurah , all in order to feel connected to myself, others, and Hashem, which is the foundation of every single thing.

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