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Gevurah of Malchus

Today is 44 days, six weeks and two days of the omer. We’re in the final week. We’ve finally made it. Through out a move across the world with my three little boys, we’re still here, despite all odds or mishaps. We’re still trying. Because Malchus isn’t perfect - it’s reality. It’s a manifestation of everything you are and want to be - and sometimes there are mistakes, but malchus doesn’t allow us to judge our worth based on them, Malchus tells us to keep trying and keep going, there’s nothing wrong with mistakes because thats going to happen even in your perfect manifested self. Because that is your perfect self, mishaps and all. Praise the positive and embrace your flaws as what gives you ground to grow. Gevurah of Malchus is the specific tool that helps us get up and continue trying to be. continue trying. Just being. That’s malchus. Being who we are is the best way to be. I pray that I can embody gevurah of malchus, and now TIFERES of Malchus and that these days deeply effect me.

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