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Gevurah of Hod

Today is 30 days, four weeks and two days of the omer. Today we have been channeling the feminine power, as gevurah and hod are both on the left of the sefirot diagram. saying no is gevurah, practicing boundries for the greater good, boundaries as a submissive act for the ultimate glory. setting boundaries can feel humiliating yet so so gratifying. gevurah of hod is such a beautiful day because it’s power is so simple, and yet it’s simplicity is so so powerful. Saying no for the good of the whole picture. Setting up yourself for success and setting everyone up for success by setting boundaries and exercising strength and control creates a glorious circumstance because it is the healthiest way to create a healthy hod, submitting and giving in, becoming one with the whole and still creating safe healthy and happy circumstances. I hope and pray that I will be able to correctly rectify any flaws I have in the middah of gevurah she be hod so I can use the midday to become my fullest self and do the mission I was sent here to do , be the person I am meant to be, Amain!

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