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Flow of the Feminine

The feminine archetype is rising... the concept and idea of what a woman is is coming into full fruition. We're developing deeply almost to the point of completely actualized. This is referring to the global feminine presence, which can be applied to me and you on our levels as well. When I change, I change the world. I am deepening, I am growing, I am developing and learning and seeing new things. I am asserting boundaries, I am creating boundaries. They are rising from within, once I am discovering what I have to nurture, cultivate, and protect. It's myself- I am finding myself. So much talk about "finding myself" finding your path, my life, my way, my song, my unique message and light to share with the world... it's so awe inspiring finding it. It's a life long process to unearth it! When it's completely unearth, polished, shining, and glittering to perfection, that's when you die, because you've made it. I assume it takes 120 years :)

But it is so exciting to know that you've FOUND What you can begin polishing! Begin carving! Many people are still digging in the wrong areas for their diamond, or polishing someone else's emralds, Saphires or rubies. You have to find your own gem, which is your own spark, and see it for what it can be, and begin the gentle vulnerable compassionate work of cleansing the dirt off and sometimes the painful work of chipping off edges to revel the true best shape your diamond should be. Who are you? Who should you be? What's the mental image of you at your peak of success in life? That's not a gaivadik arrogant image, it's the image you've seen from your soul in your mothers womb. No trace of ego should be there no matter how great the image appears. It's is rude for a diamond to be worth a lot of money? No- that's just the reality! It's it arrogant and ego centric for a life changing motivational speaker to be surrounded by crowds? No, he's changing lives and doing his mission! It's NOT ABOUT HIM! Knowing the fine line between it's about me and how I can change the world or be an extraordinary human and It's not about me in the slightest, just what i can do! A diamond doesn't get credit or an ego boost from shining. It just is, and it knows the hard work it went through to get to this point. There's no ego. We don't want a trace of ego, not a scent, not a millimeter, not an iota. None. Just doing what your meant to be doing here on this earth. What are you meant to be doing? How do you discover what you're meant to be doing? How do you know who you are and what your purpose it?

Take my masterclass to find out.

I promise you'll find it.

With a full heart,

Raina Leah Balsam

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