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Chesed of Netzach

Today is 22 days , three weeks and one day of the omer. This week we will be focusing on the character trait of Netzach, which is translated as endurance. Netzach is a masculine trait, the power of persistence and overcoming obstacles through power and pushing through. This is something I work on a lot. I feel I need this trait very much, and need to strengthen my Netzach muscle. And as we all know through the power of positive psychology, the best way to grow something is with love and positive attention, which is why chessed is at the very beginning… a very good place to start… . So I will daven that I can channel the power of today, the power of ENDURANCE AS LOVE. Endurance and strength and power needs to be founded in love, based in love. For something to really endure, you need to water and feed it love. I hope I will be able to love and believe in myself, my projects, my family and friends enough that it lasts and endures, and has the strength to withstand and push through all obstacles. Even the fact that I am writing this today proves I have endurance, because I am still here, still in the count, still working on each day and praying these traits are rooting within us.

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