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Chesed of Hod

Today is 29 days, four weeks and one day of the omer. I like how we keep coming back to start fresh again with chesed, start fresh with love. every beginning needs to begin with love. We are starting the week of Hod, where we will focus on gratitude, humility, splendor, acknowledgment, submission and grace. “I trust my passion even when it simmers” from the Human and Holy podcast. To me Hod is letting go for a greater mission. Tapping into my original goals, my initial desire for the good of the whole, despite any minor mishaps along the way. chesed of hod is using chssed to look at how i am giving up or giving in through a positive and loving light. Looking at the things i am sacrificing with eyes of love and kindness, looking towards my grapple with submission with kind eyes and kind thoughts. Even submitting to my own emotions needs love and tenderness. We are often our own worst critics. it’s the hardest to compromise with ourselves. we are the person we give the least gratitude and glory to, and we need chesed to remind us where to start on our Hod journey. Start with love, look with kindness, and begin with yourself - chesed is loving the ones closest to home and we can ONLY have a successful and healthy hod, compromising and giving in if we have a healthy chesed. I pray my chesed, self love can run deep in order for my hod to thrive, i will feel loved and confidence in order to healthily and happily give in and give up i order for the bigger causes i stand for.

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