Channeling Your Nefesh

There are five parts of your soul. Let’s get to know them. The first one is your Nefesh, your actions, desires, urges and impulses. What do you desire? What do you want to do? What do you crave? The voice that speaks the loudest is the one that cries out for physicality. sometimes this is where pain comes in handy, because its a helping hand in not indulging in undue physicality. we can channel our Nefesh to desire spiritual cravings and desires, it all depends on the fuel we feed it. If you feed it food, luxuries, belongings, status, or power, that’s what it will scream for. If you feed it torah, prayer, growth and transcendental experiences that is what your Nefesh will beg for more. We are what we eat, we are what we consume. We have what we yearn for, what are the things we yearn for? We can channel this Nefesh from a nefesh bahamis to a nefesh chiyunis, from animalistic, base, natural and instinctual to choice, prime, striving and hard. It’s not the obvious choice to retrain the Nefesh, it sounds so clearly like it’s crying out for food, it feels so empty, but it can be filled by connection and empathy. It can be filled by validation and acknowledgment. you can choose to fill the void with entertainment, snacks, mindless activities, or routine tasks, but then the void grows deeper and comes back calling stronger and louder. It‘s easier to fill the void with our instinctual choice - with what we ”think” we need and what we think we want. It’s much harder to retrain our subconscious habits and choices to conscious decisions and actions that are counter intuitive. “I think I feel pain, something doesn’t feel quiet right, something isn’t sitting well with me. It’s easy to feel better with the pleasure of chocolate. It’s much harder to tap into the pain, see it, recognize it and then express that pain. It’s so much easier to put a bandaid on, or run away from fully seeing it. if you’ve harnessed your Nefesh right, your choices will soothe and heal the pain fully.

If you haven’t, hop on the journey. we’re going to figure out how together.

find out what you love - then do that. Make it spiritual. I love learning, reading, writing, speaking and praying. I love content, taking it in and putting it out. What do you love? How can you make it spiritual?

that will be your anchor to bind your Nefesh into desiring the right things. Ever see those people who say they crave running? They need it? You can get there. I want to get there - that’s a properly channeled Nefesh! Using their desires to want something that heals and takes care of the body, a very important mitzvah! Most people (including myself) want to veg out on a couch and chill when they are stressed out! It is all about baby steps, tiny movements to direct and channel yourself into the person you want to be. Binding occurs one round at a time, step by step, around and around. Repetitive. One cycle doesn’t seem to do anything, but it’s just one link in the chain. I want to use the power of my Nefesh so I am in control of my body, my body doesn’t control me. Like a rider on the horse, I want my soul to hold the reins, and remember it’s the rider and not the horse. Please Gd, allow me to win over the constant battles of my nefesh to become the greatest person i can be, and not allow my own self to be my own greatest inhibitor to my journey of growth. It’s not my it’s our, as we’re all in this together, under one umbrella, under one sun, in one life. ❤️