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Accomplishing VS Being

I feel myself starting to slip back into being mode. I’ve been in accomplish mode for so long, I’ve done so much, i just want to be…. Being mode is the female energy of connectivity and centeredness. No need to go anywhere or do anything - you are here, you have arrived. There is no where to go, we have everything we need right here. It is such a state of calm and contentment (although it feels ironic as most normal women usually have so much to do and go). But that is so much they need to BE - as a wife, mother, woman… not so much they need to do. Accomplishment for the sake of accomplishment is more pure, more similar to the being state of female circle. but accomplishment to change the world and impact people? Wow that’s draining. And exhilarating? I think? I am not sure. Do I like being or do I like accomplishing? I am a woman so i have a deep resonant power of being, but i have such a drive to accomplish and fulfill my mission, share my soul and give to the world. which is chesed… which is a masculine trait… all of this is so confusing because I know the goal of the world is to Be. to exist in Shabbat zone, no creating zone, only connecting zone. And I know that women (the female creation) are the ideal state Gd intended for humankind. Yet why do we feel this drive to accomplish? That is why we are here - why we are on this earth…? Is it not? Maybe previous generations of women were so good at being they actually kit the mark and by being so powerfully present and connected and there that was the purpose of all accomplishment that ever was contrived? The purpose of accomplishment is to be present and exist in Be mode? The goal is to sync accomplishment and presentness to the moment where you realize you are accomplishing and yet you are so beautifully connected And present. That’s where I feel I am now. (Besides the late night hunger pang) Find your mode of accomplishing that makes you feel completely present. Totally there. In the zone. And then do it! Over and over and over again. You’ve got this.

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