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A Kislev Flow

Darkness in the sun

A time of light despite the glare

Chanukah in the summer

It feels like it’s not fair!

Seasons flipped,

Times confused

Lighting candles late

Into the summer night

Chanukah is coming

Kislev is here

Blink past the brightness

Too much light is too bright

The summer glare is also blinding

As much as a winter night sky.

Despite the darkness

From whatever the cause, too much dark, too much light,

The lesson to take out is

You are the light

Be your own filter, add in light or remove, put up your blinders and don’t get removed

Remember the Greeks killed us

To be just like them or else

Don’t fall for the same guise

Don’t try to be like them

As Jews we have to stick out

We’re not supposed to fit in

Be a light on to the nations

In the dark or the blinding light

We’re the voice of Morality

The sight of respect

We’re the sound of kindness

Without a scent of contempt

We need to love harder

Try harder

Be bigger

Be braver

Reach higher

Listen more

be there for ourselves and others.

It’s the calling of Kislev, to be the light despite the dim,

Be a flame and true fire amidst the blinding LED lights of fakeness.

This Kislev, although it’s summer here,

I’ll be lighting my candles in the light,

Being as bold as I can to stand against Greek culture

With nothing to fear.

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