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Torah = Soul Fuel 

We're all searching, growing, and hopefully, learning! It's hard to find great resources that hit the spot, explaining things clearly, yet satisfy the urge to understand what is REALLY going on beneath the surface.... These are some of my favorite resources of podcasts, torah lectures, books, and websites. I LOVE LEARNING, and most of all love SHARING the gold I've found!!! These are all speakers I love and listen to often, and these are some of the books that have shaped the way I think. 

Podcasts: on Spotify/Apple podcasts 

Empowered Jewish Living 

Gedele Fenster 

Inspiration For The Nation 

Deeper Torah 

The Pursuit of Awesome 


The Office of Rabbi Sacks 


Courses to take if you want the real deal! - Understanding the the Current Modern Woman through Torah's Archetypal Women - Fally Klien's Courses: Vessel (Foundational Psychology through Torah's lens) and Ignite (Understanding Intimacy and Sexuality)

Olami Souled 

Olami Hybrid 

Torah Anytime Lecturers: 


Shira Smiles 

Chevy Garfinkel 

Tamar Tabak 

Esther Baila Schwartz 

Esti Hamilton 

Fally Klein 

Chani Juravel 

Yael Bertram 

Rabbi Ari Bensasson 

Rabbi Yossi Bensasson

Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen

Rabbi Yehoshua Nissan 

Rabbi Akiva Tatz 

Rabbi Menachem Nissel 

Rabbi Daniel Kalish 

Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz 

Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits 

Rabbi Shlomo Farhi

Rabbi Elazar Meisels 

Rabbi Dovid Kaplan 

R' Avrohom Stulberger 

R' Dovid Orlofsky 

R' Ari Bensasson

R' Leiby Burnham

Charlie Harary 

R' YY Jacobson

Dr. David Lieberman 

AWESOME Free Websites with animated video content that I LOVE:

Life Coaches that I love:


Every Rabbi Akiva Tatz book! 


Searching For God In the Garbage 

Understanding Femininity/Gender: 

The Moon's Lost Light 

Circle Arrow Spiral 

The Kabbalistic Writings on the Nature of the Masculine and Feminine 

Sisterhood of the Copper Mirrors

Novels/Historical Fiction:


The Song of Redemption by Zecharia Hoffman 

The Daughter's Victorious 


The Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel 

Raising Children to Care 

Raise Your Children Without Raising Your Voice 

Books I want to buy if you want to buy me a present :)

Lech Lecha 

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